The Competition Law Hub is a platform for independent research into competition law and policy.


A particular interest lies on the intersection of competition law and further disciplines within and beyond the law – such as data protection, fundamental rights, politics, media studies or economics.

Founded in 2021

The Competition Law Hub was founded in 2021 in order to reflect the many new ways in which scholarly research is carried out in the digital age: working papers are uploaded onto freely accessible digital repositories, scholarly discussions take place in online fora, podcasts and blogs provide scholars with new platforms to contribute to academic discussions, online conferences and webinars are proliferating, social media allows for exchanges of scholarly ideas in non-traditional and publicly accessible ways, trans-disciplinary approaches can be tested in the online space with colleagues from near and far – both geographically and in terms of discipline. At the same time and in parallel, in-person conferences and discussion groups still provide more traditional frameworks for scholarly discussion.

Engage in scholarly debate

The Competition Law Hub allows the competition law community to engage in scholarly debate by providing a junction – or hub – for cutting-edge competition law research that tackles the challenges of our times, including digital markets, competition law and sustainability, democratic deficits in markets, and current enforcement issues.

With its online discussion series Competition Law in Conversation, the Hub engages academics, practitioners and enforcers in a transnational debate on current issues in competition law. The Vienna Competition Law Days are the Hub's in-person event that provides a platform to workshop cutting-edge research amongst leading academics, practitioners and enforcers.

The Hub is run by the Competition Law and Digitalization Group at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, headed by Vicky Robertson. In accordance with the ASCOLA Declaration of Ethics, the sponsoring of events by private institutions as well as the funding of individual research projects is always clearly indicated on the dedicated webpages.

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