The Competition Law Hub regularly carries out a host of events, both online and in person. The Vienna Competition Law Days are our face-to-face workshop to engage with cutting-edge research. Competition Law in Conversation is our online discussion series. Further events include our in-house Jour fixe as well as cooperation events with partners.

Competition Law in Conversation with Antoine Babinet and Florence Thepot_18 October 2022_Eventbrite-0001

Gatekeeper Status under the DMA

The new Digital Markets Act (DMA) strives to keep digital markets open and contestable despite the presence of important gatekeepers....

Vienna Competition Law Days 2022

On 16 and 17 September 2022, the first edition of the Vienna Competition Law Days took place at the Vienna...

Jour Fixe: Projects

On 24 May 2022, The Competition Law Hub exchanged ideas on ongoing projects with Anna Gerbrandy’s research group from Utrecht,...

Cloud Computing and Competition Law

As the economy becomes more digitalised, cloud computing is poised to become a new frontier for digital competition. What types...

Digital Mergers and Killer Acquisitions

Over the past few years, Big Tech has gone on unprecedented buying sprees, buying up promising start-ups and diversifying its...

Digital Ecosystems and Competition Law

Large digital platforms are increasingly building self-contained digital ecosystems that capture users in unprecedented ways. What particular competition law problems...

Antitrust vs Privacy

In the digital economy, many questions find themselves at the intersection of competition law and data protection. The impending replacement...
Antrittsvorlesung_Inaugural Lecture_Eckert and Robertson-0001

Inaugural Lecture

On 18 October 2021, Vicky Robertson held her inaugural lecture entitled “Competition Law: A Green and Digital Future”.

Competition Law Turns Green

Sustainable development and environmental protection are Europe’s priorities and core values that span its legal system. The recently adopted EU...

Rethinking Competition Law

What will the future of competition law look like? Following the publication of their thought-provoking books in 2020 (Meagher, Competition...