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Charting a Greener Future for EU Competition Law

The project sets out to harness the transformative power of environmental sustainability by charting new ways for a greener future...


Antitrust violations in their various forms result in considerable costs and disadvantages for competitors, customers and the public at large. Yet...

Graz Law Working Paper Series

Vicky Robertson is the initiator and co-editor of the Graz Law Working Paper Series, hosted on SSRN. The series regularly...


Digital Law Day

Digital Law Day 2023

At the first Austrian Digital Law Day at the University of Innsbruck, Vicky Robertson on 27 March 2023 discussed whether...
MaCCI conference 2023

MaCCI conference 2023

At the MaCCI conference on 23 and 24 March 2023, Vicky Robertson and Jürgen Fleiß (BANDAS-Center, University of Graz) presented...
Dawn Raids at Red Bull

Dawn Raids at Red Bull

On 21 March 2023, Austrian prime time news show ZiB2 interviewed Vicky Robertson on the European Commission’s dawn raid at...


New Textbook

New Textbook on EU Competition Law

Edited by Aleš Ferčič of the University of Maribor, a new textbook on European Union Competition Law was just published...
World Competition

Book Review

In the latest issue of World Competition, Klaudia Majcher published a review of the book ‘How Big Barons Smash Innovation:...
Antitrust in data

Antitrust in Data-Driven Markets: Austria

Together with Gerhard Fussenegger (bpv Hügel), Vicky Robertson authored a report on how Austria deals with data-driven markets under competition...


Sarah Fürlinger

(BWB) @ Course “Moot Court Kartellrecht”, Vorstellung der Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde (6 November 2020)

Astrid Ablasser-Neuhuber

(bpv Hügel Rechtsanwälte) @ Course “Competition Law in the Digital Economy”, Dawn raids in competition law (17 November 2020)

Nicolo Zingales

(FGV Rio Law School) @ Course “Competition Law in the Digital Economy”, Data, Privacy and Digital Markets (24 November 2020)


Welcoming the Hub’s Visiting Researchers for Summer 2022

The Competition Law Hub is happy to welcome three visiting researchers in the summer term of 2022: Viktorija Morozovaite (University...